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iPhone 8 Plus LCD Screen Display and Touch Panel Digitizer Assembly Replacement

Brand:Apple iPhone

Size:5.50 inches

Color:Black White


Place Of Origin:Shenzhen, China

MOQ:5 pcs

Package:Anti-static bag+ bubble bag+ foam box

Delivery Time:1-3 working days


iPhone 8 Plus LCD Screen Display and Touch Panel Digitizer Assembly Replacement


  • iPhone 8 Plus LCD Screen Display Includes: Lcd Display , Touch Screen, and Front Frame
  • iPhone 8 Plus LCD Assembly, to Replace Front Glass Cracked. Display has Dead Pixels or  Not Work.
  • Boojae Professional QC teams, Test Each LCD Display and Check Appearance Carefully Before Shipment, to Make Sure Each Items Perfect When Arrive Customer’s Hand
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       Iphone 8 Plus LCD Display

    lcd wholesale

    Classic design and advanced appearance 

    LCD wholesale

    lcd wholesale



Boojae Quality Grades Classified:

Quality Description
Original New Original and New From Original Factory
Original Used Original but Used, Taken From Used or New Phone
Original Refurbish Original Used parts Refurbish With Cleaning, Replacing……
Grade AA Original Material Assembled
Grade A Original and Copy Material Assembled
Copy A Copy Material Assembled

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iPhone 8 Plus LCD Screen Display and Touch Panel Digitizer Assembly Replacement

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